Saturday, November 26, 2011

Christ Wood Letters

Well the last of my boutiques finished on Wednesday
and I can say I survived!
Thank you to everyone for all your kindness and support!
Here is my favorite I did this year.
I have the cutest little elderly couple that live across the street from me.
They come and check on me to make sure I'm not working too hard
and a couple of years ago the wife gave me
an old flannel block pattern she had used for her own kids and grand kids
and also now for her great grand kids.
So I'm guessing it's about 50 years old.
I saw a Super Saturday idea for these but it seems
no one on the internet can track down the source
so I knew this pattern would be perfect to create some of my own.
I am a huge fan of making "Christ" the center of Christmas
and I'm always glad for an excuse to decorate that way.
Now if I can just summon the courage to get out the Christmas decorations....

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!
My little family and I went and hibernated over at my parents house,
where I was grateful for medicine for the lovely ulcer I've accumulated over this season,
for yummy food I was able to help cook with my family,
for the peaceful and loving home my parents provide
where I received the rest and comfort I needed.
Happy Holidays!


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