Thursday, December 30, 2010


It's seems only fitting to title this post Adore....
not just because of my latest project
but because I simply adore each and everyone of you
that have supported me and been a part of my life and little business.
Thank you so much!!!
Sometimes it doesn't seem like I can say it enough
and honestly it doesn't seem like enough to say!

This year has been a whirlwind for me!
Most of you know I'm half of "Crafty Sisters"
which honestly as far as blogging goes....comes first.
(Hey I got a sister counting on me!)
Sometimes I think I should just combine the blogs since I
feel like I double post about my projects here.:)

I have been so lucky to meet so many fun and great people
and cultivate the wonderful friendships I've made with so many of you.
Thanks for making my year so fun and for helping Sweet Pickles grow!
(hee hee, silly pun I couldn't help it!)
So.......Thank You!  Thank You Very Much!!!
(yup, that's my hubby on Halloween!)

I'm so excited for Valentines!!!!
Here's my first project/class that will be next weekend
down at Paper Cottage.
I just love the papers here from Echo Park Paper Company!
I also included some fun charms from Doodle Beads.
They have some really cute stuff!

I also wanted to share the to speak....
Here's a couple of pictures I was able to collect this year from
some of my favorite gals!

Cary makes some great stuff!
She had a whole Americana theme going on with these first 3!

 Diana has a cute gift shop in Tennessee that she makes the prettiest stuff for!
Her embroidery is to die for!  Here are some cute sets she made up!

 I did actually manage to get a couple of shots of some of the things
I made up this season and for the boutiques!

A fun sign for a golfer!
   I loved how this Believe set turned out in all reds!
 I loved it so much I did some in green!
(This is the quality of picture I get when I take it last moment!:))
 Had to do something whimsical and loved the ornaments here!
 My sister Candace found some vintage opera sheet music
at a second hand store and together with some gorgeous glitter
these Noel's were made.  The picture doesn't do them justice!

Remember that red Believe?
The papers were so pretty I had to make up some matching banners!
 I found some really cute papers with gingerbread men that I absolutely fell for!
I've got some other pictures to download and post soon!
I hope you all have a wonderful and

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Christmas, Ready Or Not....

I make myself the same promise every year to be better organized,
more on the ball, better prepared,
and the list goes on.....
Every year I'm in the same boat though
and I've learned not to be frustrated
but to rejoice in the fact that I work well under pressure.:)
I finally got my class samples done!
I just love the paper on the NOEL!
I wanted simple, classic and this paper from
Jillibean Soup (Christmas Chestnut Soup) was perfect!
Next up is Santa!
This is a pattern I altered a bit from
a magazine pattern I bought for a tea towel several years ago.
I just love the Santa!
I'll have to go back through my stash and find exactly
where he came from.
The NOEL and SANTA will be offered as
a class or kit to go down at Paper Cottage
and I'll try to get them posted over in my Etsy store too!
Both sets can also be ordered as Wood Only.

Boutique #2 is up this week!
My Crafty Sister and I are scrambling to get everything ready in time
but it will sure be fun!
I'm just hoping that my little girls cold doesn't feel like befriending me!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bazaars Make Me MIA

Yup, it's that time of year, and I feel like I'm MIA.
But trust me, there's lots of action going on out in my shop.
Yesterday in my crazy efforts to be ready for our fun Bazaar starting today
I realized that I hadn't slept in 40 hours.
I'm nuts.
But after going out and working at our little Bazaar this morning
I just have to say that I was just happy
to see something that we all work so hard for
come together and look so great!
I'm so glad to be a part of this group of talented ladies.
This is our 3rd year doing our Bazaar and I've really grown
to appreciate and respect these Bazaar gals!
So if you want to see some great stuff head on out to Eagle....
you won't be disappointed!!

I promise I'll have pictures of the fun stuff we've been doing up soon!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pumpkins, Pilgrims & A Turkey....

There is something I particularly love about this time of year.
It's not the nice cooler weather
or the fact that my grass is the perfect shade of green.
Those things are pretty cool but...
I love the colors of this season!
Such soft muted tones
but yet such fun vibrant colors!
So I got my turkey and pilgrim groove on
and here's my latest projects
I'll be doing for classes down at Paper Cottage.

I had a ton of fun making these little guys!
I made some turkeys for the boutique last weekend and
they disappeared so I figured they must be cute.

I love the simplicity of these pumpkins and their shape.

I have a tendency to like "primitive" things
and I thought these were a perfect back drop.
Now if I can just recuperate from the boutique and
having a double class weekend.......  

Happy Crafting!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Boo To You!

Here's my latest fun projects for Halloween!
I'll be teaching these both down at Paper Cottage
on September 25th!
I just love this paper!
It's from Echo Park Paper Co.
I mixed up the fonts on this one,
not wanting the typical ghosts that usually accompany them.
The eyeballs are actually eye screwed in for a nice dangle effect!

Here's a fun set of letters I did recently
that I was sure pleased with!
They almost took up my whole counter!
I'm so excited to see how they are decorated....

I'm so excited for boutique season this year
and I've been making patterns like crazy this week
for all the fun things we have up our sleeve!
I'll try to post them as soon as they are done!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Hooray! A Giveaway!!!

Who doesn't love a good Giveaway?
Tracee over at Review From Here
has been kind enough to do a Super Nice Review
of some of my EAT Wood Letters
and she's going to do a giveaway of a set too!
Make sure to go over and check her great site and it's new fun look!
Don't forget to enter to win!

For those of you wondering if I was dead or not....
I'm alive and well, but a little busy.
Plus I've felt really strongly about spending
quality time with my little girl this summer....
hence the lack of quality blogging.:)

But here's a few fun things I've been up to!
Just in time for the Fall are these cute AUTUMN letters!

Plus if you missed out on my fun FALL letters from last year
I miraculously found some more of the paper!!!
I absolutely love these Fall letters!
So now I'll have a few sets to put on Etsy and do up for the boutiques!
If you are interested in a kit just give me a holler!

School starts on Monday and ya know what that means...
7 Hours of uninterrupted CRAFTING!!!!
My little girl is officially starting 1st grade!  Yikes!!!
I've been compiling my ideas in my little notebook
and so ready to get goin' on them!
Plus me and my Crafty Sister Candace get to be part of
a fun Halloween/Fall boutique
which is great since those are my favorite Crafts to make!
So stay tuned and hopefully I'll post pics as soon as I get em' done!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Busy Summer Days!

I have always wanted to have some fun PLAY room letters
and lately I love any excuse I can find to display little pictures.
So when I found this fun font, I knew it was perfect!
I just loved the fun bright whimsical paper on them
and had so much fun finding some of my favorite
funny shots of my little girl.
I'll be doing a class on Saturday for these
and keeping a few kits on hand down
at Paper Cottage.
I also have wanted to do some EAT letters for my kitchen.
Everywhere I have looked they are always so plain
and just painted black.
I found the prettiest paper from Basic Grey,
which honestly is probably too pretty for my kitchen
but I had so much fun putting them together!
These letters I'll be doing a class on in a couple of weeks too!

I've got to get my pictures organized so I can show you
some of the fun ones that have been sent in lately! 
BTW Thanks ladies for doing this for me! 
I love seeing what you end up doing
and I know it sparks ideas for me and everyone
else who peeks on here!
Here is a really cute set of Baby letters Cary did up!
The picture doesn't do them justice!  They are so cute!
Here are a couple of Seasonal Hangers I put together.
My pictures are pretty bad and I couldn't figure out why everything was so blurry....
until I saw the huge fingerprint on the lens...courtesy of my little girl.
This horse head turned out so fun to me!
I love working with fun shapes!
I am really excited to see how these letters get decorated!
It's a fun new font I found called Ayosmonika.
These are 10" letters I key holed to hang across a wall.
I just love this font!
So hopefully I'll figure out how to get some pictures off of my phone
and I'll post them this week!
Thanks again gals for sending me your pictures!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I love just about anything Americana. 
When I first moved here and got to hang out with my sister Candace, 
I quickly found out she had a thing for Americana stuff. 
You could say it rubbed off on me just a tad.... 
We were constantly on the lookout for all things that were
barn red's, soft steely navy blue's, cream or resembled twine. 
I love anything primitive and folk art-ish
and when we do our bazaar each year
there ends up being a bit of it in just about everything we do.

So this year I needed to add to my Patriotic Decor a bit
 and found some fabulous paper to help me out!
I'll be teaching these letters as a class down at Paper Cottage
on the 19th of June and if I'm ambitious enough
I'll actually head over and update my Etsy shop!:)

It's been a crazy couple of weeks for me
with the unexpected back surgery for
my Superman Father who
has a really hard time accepting help. 
He's used to doing everything for everyone else
and doesn't quite know what to do when he can't. 
But for me it's a pleasure and an honor to be able
to actually help he and my Mom out. 
Now if I can just get through
the last week of school and
Kindergarten graduation......

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Getting to Know You....

Believe it or not
I don't like being in the spotlight very much.
So when someone is kind enough like Connie from Shady Creek Lane
to pass on a blog award to little old me.....
I get a bit nervous, of what to say.....
I feel like Sally Field at the Academy Awards...
"You like me?  You really like me!"
Hee hee hee....So here it is:

1. Accept and thank the person who sent it to you.
2. List 10 things about yourself.
3. List 5 additional things you don't like.
4. Pass the award on to 10 other bloggers.

Ten things about me.....
1. My favorite color is purple.
2. If I had to go to school again I'd want to be a landscape architect.
3. I lived in Korea for 3 years as a child.
4. I have 2 cats and "accidentally" a squirrel for pets.
5. I love drive in movies.
6. I'm deathly afraid of big bodies of water....I saw Jaws at too young of an age;)!
7. I'm a DIY TV junkie!
8. I'm ridiculously sentimental.
9. I love my family more than anything.
10. I love black and white photos or anything sepia.
Five things I DON'T like.
1. Peas.  I like them fresh from the garden but hate them cooked.  Even the smell makes me gag.
2. Squished animals on the road.
3. Liars.
4. People who aren't loyal.
5. Seafood.

A Special Thanks to my Hubby for providing me with all the above answers!:)
I love so many blogs out there it's hard to pick and choose only 10 to give this to!  If you want to see who I like to check out all the time visit my blog list!  There's some really good ones!  Make sure to go give Connie a visit too!  She's not only super nice but she's completely inspiring!!!
Later this week I promise to show some stuff I've been up to......a fun monogram, some patriotic letters and a few other things.......

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Go Fly A Kite!

My sister Candace has the sweetest sister-in-law Leesa
who requested I cut her out a kite for her Seasonal Hanger
and I must say I am pleased with the result!

So much so that I'll be offering these as "Kits to Go"
down at Paper Cottage
along with a Dandy Tie just in time for Father's Day!

Each hanger comes in a kit ready to be assembled
for only $15 each!
If you don't have the hanger you can easily make these into door hangers with
a little ribbon tied through the hooks!

Don't forget to personalize the tie for your Dad!

Last year Avery and I made one for our Daddy
and he loved it!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


By popular demand I'm going to be
doing the WISH letters again for a class
down at Paper Cottage.
After posting about them over at Crafty Sisters
and making some for our Spring Boutique
I've had several requests for them.
Since I like to give you guys what you want....

This time I put the cute little clothespins on the back to hold pictures
like Angela did on hers over at Secrets of a Super Mommy!
They turned out really Fun~~~thanks Angela for your brilliant idea!!!
Love it!
Here's a heart plaque I put together after being inspired by something similar in
Simply Handmade magazine. 
I love that magazine!  If you haven't checked it out you must!
I'm a sucker for hearts and buttons!
Here's a few other fun things I've done this last month!
First is this cute re-creation of sorts for a birthday present
for my friend's son.
His older brother had gotten one when he was a baby
and of course he needed one, bigger and better!
I can't wait to see his all decorated~~I'm told it will be all Star Wars!
Here's another fun font that I just love how it turned out!

The font is called Life Craft!

Isn't the S/dragon so cool?
I love doing fun letters like these!

Tomorrow I'm working on the TIE and KITE hangers
for the Seasonal Hanger.
So stay tuned for a peek at them!
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