Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Busy Summer Days!

I have always wanted to have some fun PLAY room letters
and lately I love any excuse I can find to display little pictures.
So when I found this fun font, I knew it was perfect!
I just loved the fun bright whimsical paper on them
and had so much fun finding some of my favorite
funny shots of my little girl.
I'll be doing a class on Saturday for these
and keeping a few kits on hand down
at Paper Cottage.
I also have wanted to do some EAT letters for my kitchen.
Everywhere I have looked they are always so plain
and just painted black.
I found the prettiest paper from Basic Grey,
which honestly is probably too pretty for my kitchen
but I had so much fun putting them together!
These letters I'll be doing a class on in a couple of weeks too!

I've got to get my pictures organized so I can show you
some of the fun ones that have been sent in lately! 
BTW Thanks ladies for doing this for me! 
I love seeing what you end up doing
and I know it sparks ideas for me and everyone
else who peeks on here!
Here is a really cute set of Baby letters Cary did up!
The picture doesn't do them justice!  They are so cute!
Here are a couple of Seasonal Hangers I put together.
My pictures are pretty bad and I couldn't figure out why everything was so blurry....
until I saw the huge fingerprint on the lens...courtesy of my little girl.
This horse head turned out so fun to me!
I love working with fun shapes!
I am really excited to see how these letters get decorated!
It's a fun new font I found called Ayosmonika.
These are 10" letters I key holed to hang across a wall.
I just love this font!
So hopefully I'll figure out how to get some pictures off of my phone
and I'll post them this week!
Thanks again gals for sending me your pictures!
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