Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Cursive Cuteness!

Cursive fonts are so in right now~I just love them!
I had to make something too!

I found this really fun font to use and grabbed some cute paper down at Hobby Lobby.
That store...I could literally spend hours there!

I've been fiddling around with whether I should link all the letters or do them separately~
What do you guys think?
My sister told me to "branch out" and "try something new".  It's a change for me, you guys know how I love my bright colors and glitter.  I'm also trying to update on here when I can.  My sister and I have been so busy with life that we've been slow posting over at Crafty Sisters, let alone here.  So if this page hasn't update for a while make sure to pop over to Crafty Sisters to see what we've been up to.  Now if I can only survive the next couple of weeks till school is out....I see a summer of fun projects ahead!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Girly Pennant Banner

Just had to share how cute this little banner turned out!
It was a gift from an Aunt to her Niece for her birthday
to hang in her room.  I wish my picture did it justice~you know me, I'm never good at snapping pictures when I'm trying to whisk things out the door into the mail.
Not only did I love it but now my daughter is requesting~well, more like ordering me to make one
for her room.  Of course it's going to have to have owls on it.....boy I'm going to have to think about how to put that one together!
I got a few more Easter sets done and cut out a few extra bunny silhouettes from our Wood You Like To Craft project this month.
  I've felt like I've had an extra oomph to me with the beautiful sunshine and weather lately.  Don't you just love spring!?

Friday, January 25, 2013

Brrrrrrr......it's cold!

Brrrr.....it's been so cold here that it's not very exciting to cut wood when I can't feel my fingers.  It takes my little heater all day running to heat up my shed enough for it to be tolerable to cut.  And I use the word tolerable loosely.

Had to show you all a quick shot of a custom set of Believe letters I did up right before Christmas and thought they were so fun!  I used a lot of the same papers from the FaLaLa set of letters I did.  I was really happy with the result and even happier to figure out how to retrieve the picture from my phone.
Life has been crazy and this blog has been on the back burner while I tried to make it through the Holidays and keep up with my church and PTO duties.  Yup, somehow I was talking into being the VP of our school's PTO.  It's been a very interesting learning experience but it also takes a lot of time and commitment.  I'm still thinking there might be a way to set this blog up as a gallery of sorts but have it all linked through my other blog with my sister, Crafty Sisters.  I need to get a bit more computer literate to do that one.:)

I did get a couple of things listed in Etsy today.  I only have one set of BE MINE letters left with this fun vintage paper.  I have to admit that these are probably one of my very favorite letters that I've done.  I do love the Dr. Pepper can hearts!  I also have a couple of sets of SWAK letters too.  I just love the red glitter lips!
I was going through my papers and found enough to put together 3 sets of the Believe letters in most of the original papers.  I still need to list them......
I'm anxious for it to warm up and for Spring to be here.  The other day I was in Hobby Lobby looking at Valentine stuff and I have to admit I thought it was so Ho Hum and found myself gravitating over to the Easter stuff being brought in.  The colors, the animals, everything about it just makes me happy and eager to create.
What do you get more excited for~Valentines or Easter?
Hearts or baby chicks and bunnies.....life is full of hard choices huh!
Happy Weekend!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Halloween Goodies

Wanted to share a couple of peeks of a few things I made for the Boo-tique
that I just loved!

Remember the unfinished pictures of these Spooky letters I did up last year for Amanda?
They were so fun I just had to do a couple of sets up for the boutique.  They are fun aren't they!

I was on overload the last few weeks with having company in town for the big BSU/BYU game.
Plus every Saturday morning ESPN's college game day is blasting from my family room
so I had to make some Team letters up.
These little pumpkins I think were my absolute favorite!
I love pear shaped pumpkins, they just make me happy!
My sister and I found the cutest stickers at Michael's from K&Company.
These Creepy tombstones were so fun with the crow and bat flying overhead.
Plus I found the coolest excelsior that matched graveyard grass.
I loved the lightness of papers I used on the Fall letters too.
It's funny how I am actually more inspired helping my clients with projects than anything else.
It's hard to come up with stuff sometimes and these Fall letters were inspired by
by my great friend Cary.
It's hard to believe that the next boutique is just a month away!
Over the past 4 years I have found out that I actually work best under pressure....
I guess that's a good thing!

On a really fun note~I actually took some "ME" time this week
as a couple of my friends who are master tole painters
invited me to have lessons to paint!
I made the cutest Vampire that I'll take pictures of to share with y'all.
He is so cute and not half bad for my first time painting.
I can see how it could become very addicting!
I just love Fall/Halloween crafts!
Do you?

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Halloween Boo-tique 2012

It's hard to believe that it's already Fall around here!
FYI~next week is Holiday House's fun Fall/Halloween Boo-tique!
Here's the adorable flier:
Don't forget to "like" them on Facebook and enter for a chance
to win some boutique bucks to spend!
For me~I'm already dreaming of the yummy caramel covered marshmallow treats
that Lovin' Oven cooks up!
Meanwhile I've been busy as ever cutting out witch shoes
and my house is covered with spiderweb yarn and googly eyeballs.....
I love Halloween!
Hope to see you there!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Summer Sweets

I love getting emails from you guys
but I especially love when anyone sends me
a picture of their completed projects!
I love seeing how every one's personality shows through
in the papers and paint they choose or how they display things.
This picture was just sent in from my wonderful friend Susie.
She had requested a flag like the one I had hanging on 
my front door last summer so I was happy to help.
It was one of the first projects my sister Candace and I 
put together when I moved here.
I must admit Susie's flag is much cuter than
mine and looks adorable in her garden!
Thanks Susie!
I have some great pictures I want to share
if I can only figure out how to get 
email pictures off my phone.....:)
Happy Thursday Friends!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Spring Things

I have felt like for four years now
I have focused on my little business and
everything else has taken a back seat.
Which means my house has a multitude of repairs
that need to be done, a yard/garden left in despair
and complete disorganization on my part.
Those of you who have come by my house are witness to this.
So I apologize in my lack of blogging,
I've been busy working with wood and recapturing my chaos.:)
My house may still be a bit crazy but my garden is looking
pretty darn good if I do say so!
Above is a peek at all those tulips I told you guys about
that I planted at Christmas time~aren't they so pretty!

I totally forgot to show a couple of pics from the
Spring boutique which was so fun!!
I seriously love everything about spring,
the colors alone just make me happy.
Here's my little display!
I just loved how these bunnies turned out!
Thanks to all of you who came out to support me at the Holiday House Boutique!
I just love working with those gals and this spring boutique
surely didn't disappoint!
I walked away with many goodies I found there!

School is out this week and I will be grateful for the relief
of running back and forth as a taxi.
I've got great plans for this fall/winter season
that I can't wait to share with you!

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