Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Santa, the elves need to work faster!

I love making things for people, love seeing their excitement when they get it, love hearing about how much fun they have making things and memories together!  It makes my day!  So this "Santa" has been pretty busy out in her little workshop making some fun stuff and apologizes that her camera doesn't get much use to show all the fun things I've been working on!
 Here's a few snap shots my hubby got for me before they went out the door....
Made up this snowman as a door hanger! 
He looks so cute on my door I've got to make one for me too!
These Noel letters are done in the St. Nicholas font!
I love how cute and wavy the letters are!
Here's a couple of snap shots of a couple or ornaments I made for the bazaar.
I love the simple shapes of things and I come to appreciate how
just the shape of something simple in itself is just as
pretty as the paper that goes on it!

I do love the baby Jesus ornaments! 
My little girl Avery doesn't like it when they don't have eyes on them!:)

What made my day on Monday while I was out shoveling snow was a cute lady
who stopped in front of my house to tell me that she loved my "barn" nativity as I call it. 
She told me that she had seen it last year and had been waiting for me to put it out this year. 
My sister Candace and I made these the last two years for our bazaar.  This was last year's version that I tweaked a little.  I love how it turned out and it is my favorite Christmas decoration to put out!

So I'm off to my little shed to start chopping again!  Don't forget to send me your cute pictures of your finished projects!  My oh so talented Sister-in-law Autumn posted hers on her blog Here!
I love to see what you can do! 

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Stop The Insanity!

Remember that lady back in the 90's who was pretty butch and had the blonde crew cut that always had those commercials on TV saying "Stop the Insanity!"  That about sums up this week for me and made my comfy bed oh so inviting last night.  What made it even better was that my husband secretly turned off my cell phone and banned my little girl from my room......aaahhhh was it nice.   Well it's all because our second Boutique was this weekend.....

This one is a really cute one to participate in!  I completely marvel at some of the creative talents that these ladies have!  My wonderful sister Candace joined me in my insanity and we tried to make some fun stuff of which I don't have any pictures of, of course!  So if you have some spare time today head on over, it's one of the best boutiques of the season!  I also finally got December's Seasonal Hanger done and I think seeing all the fluffy froo froo in the stores, I just had to add something.....hope ya like!
This paper is so pretty on here!  You can't tell from the picture but the swirls are actually silver and it seemed a shame to cover it up with any other adornments!  I had actually cut some smaller versions of this shape out for my friend Cary and fell in love with the shape earlier this year.  I'm thinking of doing some more smaller ones that I could make a garland out of.....oh the dreams of projects I have.......

Friday, November 13, 2009

Tis' The Season....Fa la la la la......

Here is my latest item I have done just in time for the holidays and also that I'll be teaching a class on tomorrow at Paper Cottage.  Yes, I should be out in the workshop cutting those little birds out but I thought I'd get caught up blogging for a bit! 
I love these Believe letters!  I love the paper from Making Memories which has been selling out very quickly!  It has the cutest Christmas tree shapes and colors!  Plus the thing that got me were the black with white polka dots!  I'm a polka dot person anyway, but I thought it was such a fun addition to your typical "Christmas" colored themed paper!  I had fun with these!

Our little bazaar that we started last year was a complete success this year!  Even after 3 all nighters in one week I was able to finish it out with a smile!  It was so neat to have repeat customers/visitors come and tell us how much they loved our little bazaar and that it was one of their favorites to go to!  Hooray!  Who cares if anything sold, they liked us!  Yes, I sound like Sally Field! They liked me, they really liked me....
I had so much fun I somehow convinced my sweet sister to come craft with me and now we are going to do 2 more boutiques.  The one coming up is the Holiday House Boutique that will be happening next Friday and Saturday over off of Chinden and Locust Grove in the Saguaro Canyon Neighborhood.  These gals run a class act boutique with everything homemade!  It should be a blast!  I'll post a flier pronto!
Here's a quick glimpse (pictures shot by unenthusiastic hubby):
I'll try to get some better pictures of all the cute ornaments we did and plus as soon as we get the others done I'll post them too!

Okay I totally forgot to put up the cute spider we did for our seasonal hanger!  It was so fun to do and my little girl had a blast with the puzzle of teeth!  Isn't he cute!
One of my favorite gals Diane Rusnick sent me a picture of her completed BOO letters she did!  Aren't they to die for!!!!
Here are a couple of projects I did in the last couple of months
Just in time for Janna and her soon to arrive baby Carter!
This stork really made me use my brain cells, yes I almost spelled it sells.....
This guy was over 4 feet tall and I had to figure out how to hook him up to some rebar so he could stick in the ground.  The little baby bundle was hanging off of a hook and was interchangeable.  My friend Julie had seen these in yards back in Arizona and wanted something like it.  I chose to go the more realistic route instead of comical and it was a blast to make!

I've got to get our December Seasonal Hanger cut out today and done and I think it'll be a beauty.  Will post as soon as it's done!

You've got to go check out some fun sites!
One is by my sister and I, I am her crazy craft co-conspiritor!
It's called Crafty Sisters!
Next is my sister-in-law's My Design Dump!
Have fun!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

See You There!!!

Okay Everyone, I'm totally slow putting this up but here's the info for our great Craft Bazaar happening this weekend! There are some really talented ladies showing their stuff off here and one of the best little boutique/bazaar's I've been to! It's just right off of Eagle Road and Floating Feather at the Brookwood Clubhouse! See You There!:)
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Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Great Pumpkin....would Charlie Brown approve?

Fall is certainly in the air, I can see and feel it for sure as I had to turn on the furnace this week! The season of boutiques has snuck up on me fast so this week I got geared up for all the wood cutting before me as I donned my husbands crazy long grey socks, ya know the ones with the ugly red stripe at the top and I turned on the space heater in my shed so my fingers could actually grip the wood as I saw away. I just hope I can get it all done and have my sanity and family intact when I am done!:) So here's what's new.....

First up I am actually pleasantly surprised with how fun and cute my Give Thanks letters turned out. I hunted high and low for paper all over town and actually ended up with this Christmas paper to cover them with, yes, you're thinking...when did orange become a Christmas color? Good question, but somehow it works with these and it worked for me! Thank goodness! I love pumpkins, I love the shape or the abnormal shape of them. I love watching them grow all season long and the pretty vines they produce. Although our pumpkin plant was a dud this year or more like I was a dud in fertilizing it, it still has the most beautiful vines even though not one pumpkin was produced.....yes, a tear. None the less I thought these letters were a fresh approach and got me excited about brining the turkey again this year!

Next is our pumpkin for my Seasonal Hanger. I teach a class down at Paper Cottage for this one too and I just love love love this class! I don't think I say it enough but it sure is a fun event! So if any of you guys are looking for a great excuse to have a girls day out come on down! Keep an eye out for next month's hanger, I'm going to attempt a cool hanging ornament!

As for "The" Boutique", the boutique/bazaar my sister Candace and I started with a couple other gals out in Eagle is a go again this year after the fun success we had last year! It's going to be November 5th-7th 10am-5pm at the Brookwood Clubhouse on Old Barn Road in Eagle. It's right off of Eagle and Floating Feather and it should be a blast! Some of these ladies amaze me with their amazing talents! Very cool handmade and very one of a kind things here! Come on out and visit! Now if I can only get the extra signs painted.....:)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Getting Inspired for Fall...

Okay so here's a shout out to a very very cool website my sister Candace told me about and that she linked me to, so of course I need to link them back. Not just to be polite but seriously this place has soooo many fun ideas and I love how everyone loves to share those ideas to inspire each other! So great! So go check it out!

What have you guys been up to with your fall decor? Let's get inspired together! Send in your pictures and we'll get inspired together!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Eeewwwwww Witchy Woman......

Halloween by far and I mean really far, were talking miles and miles my all time favorite holiday ever! Seriously how can you go wrong with dressing up and gorging on candy? PERFECTO! So here is my latest little project for Halloween! My sister saw some cute witch decorations last year and gave me the idea to fiddle with, so here's my take on Witch! Too much fun! Now.....what else can I do?:)

Monday, August 3, 2009

Happy Fall Ya'll!

I can't believe I'm already working on Fall stuff already even though the high temps here are making me more than ready for Fall to come. So here are the Fall letters I'm doing and teaching a class on as well as my Seasonal Hanger for September is an Apple. The whole time I was decorating these two I kept having the hardest time trying to embellish embellish embellish and then I realized KISS....Keep it simple stupid. Something totally foreign to me, keeping it simple, but then again it's probably why I love Fall decor. It's just simple, soft and I love it!

The Fall Letters
September's Seasonal Hanger Apple...just in time for school!This is August's Ladybug
Here is our yummy cupcake, perfect for hanging up
for a birthday and for whenever you get a craving!:)
Here are a couple pictures Dawn Simpson sent me of some of her latest projects! I think they are great! I love seeing what you guys are up to so send your pictures my way!

These Sophia letters were done in the fontdinerdotcom font, one of my favorites! I love the greens and blues Dawn used! Great job Dawn!

Dawn did these cute I do's for a friend getting married
using the same font as the Family Letters.
Thanks Dawn for sending these in! I love em'!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Show me whatcha Got!

I just love seeing every one's different ideas, so I when I get pictures in I'll try to get them posted asap! Here are a few my sister sent over that her sister-in-laws put together! Enjoy!

Here is Candy's flower she did for her seasonal hanger! Then she matched her urns with flowers to go along with! It looks great!

Candy also put together these cute letters for her soon to be born nephew! They are so fun!

Here are her sis-in-law Courtney's Spring letters! Her other sis-in-law Rishelle did these ones! I just love them both and love seeing how different they turned out! Great job ladies!:)
Stay tuned....more to come!!!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

It's Etsy time!

Okay, I finally took the time to get going on Etsy! Yes, there's only one thing on there but I'm working on it! It took forever to figure out the banner since I'm computer illiterate, but I'm hoping to have more stuff up and better pictures this week!

Also wanted to let the great ladies from my Seasonal Hanger class know how much I appreciate them! I look forward to this class all month long. Almost everyone orders a kit, but I have 4 gals that come to class and it's been really fun to get to know each of them! They are so funny and we just have a blast chatting together! Thanks for making me laugh Karen, Dana, Cary & Suzette!!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The heat is ON!

Yes, a weird title for my post but it seemed fitting since the heat has finally arrived for our summer here in Boise! I think this is the rainiest climate or spring at least that I have ever lived in! This summer has been busy and I love all the fun projects going on!

So some of these little projects I had to share with you all and do a tad of bragging about the super talented ladies I get to rub shoulders with! You guys inspire me and bring complete joy to what I do! Seeing you have as much fun creating this stuff as I do makes my job completely satisfying, so....THANK YOU!!!!

First up are a few things by Karen Sanders, super talented and creative gal! All of these were made to hang off of her Seasonal Calendar, the possibilities are endless! I just love the paper she used for this fun coffee cup!
I never thought I'd have so much fun cutting out a shoe, but seriously it made me giggly, is that even a word? Too much fun!Next up are these adorable Gabriel letters done by Dawn Simpson! The font is Rustler and she decorated them in vintage Disney papers! I love it! Especially how each letter is slightly skewed, it just adds a bit more fun!
Back by popular demand are the Family letters. I have had more requests for these letters than anything else I have done. I guess it's true, there's nothing more important than family, ha ha ha, yes like the laugh by John Travolta in Grease.... These papers were so fun and I was inspired by my Sis-in-law Autumn who did her little girls room in these colors. She was actually spotlighted on a blog and I'll find the link.... gal needed a quick last minute banner made up for a wedding shower in Chocolates and Pinks! This was fun!

Also had to show you my Father's Day tie I made for my Hubby Britt. He loves bold geometric designs and I was so bummed I ripped the paper on one side a bit and of course only glitter glue could remedy the situation. He wasn't so sure, but after my little girl Avery tried to sell him on the idea and he saw the end result he was happy. I'm thinking it would be fun to do a different pattern each year....we'll see! Happy Fathers Day!

So thank you gals for sending me in some photos to share! I love seeing what you do and hope your ideas will inspire others as much as they have me!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

You've had a Birthday Shout HOORAY!

Okay, I finally got around to getting my Birthday Banner done and here it is! I got a little carried away with the glitter glue, but I just couldn't help myself!

I wanted to do something that even a word? I just love decorating with the seasons and holidays and the little ants that are being a nuisance in my garage inspired me with these Summer Letters.
This Cupcake Candy and I made for our kid's Preschool Teacher and thought it's perfect for Birthday celebrating throughout the year. The bottom is a plaque with chalkboard paint so you can write in the name of whose birthday you are celebrating! Fun idea and it sits on your counter. Avery was all to happy to be the display model....
Just in time for 4th of July I did a cute star cut out for the Seasonal Calendar. I love Americana stuff and I love stars!

Monday, May 4, 2009

We're talking "Under Major Construction"!

Welcome to my little blog, and yes it's under major construction! After several requests and a whole lot of urging from my sister is a blog to track my latest and greatest projects I've got going on and hopefully I can share the cool stuff my great friends and clients have put together too!
I am so blessed to be able to do something that I love and that I get to meet so many cool people and see all the cools things they are making. It's great! My sister and I have always had a ton of fun crafting together and when we couldn't find something we wanted in a store we were crazy enough to think we could figure a way to make it ourselves. I moved here to Boise a little over 2 years ago and we have had a blast together creating stuff! We are two fearless girls who's hubby's put up with us and our crafts (or crap as they call it).;) My sister Candace has not only been my muse, she is my biggest cheerleader and believes in me, she is the best! Thanks Candy!
I can pretty much cut out most anything. I specialize in letters for names and so forth. You see a font you like and we'll run with it! A great website I love is ! Not only does it have lots of cool fonts but it also has a great preview window to let you see what your project will look like when it's done! I can do just about any size of letter that you want and I cut primarily out of a 3/4" thick MDF board which paints, sands and cuts out like butter! So if you have a project you want to do just give me a holler!:)
Here are a few of the projects I've worked on lately. Everything I do is pretty much made/cut to order. Primarily everything comes in a unfinished form/plain wood. If you need some help putting a kit together with papers I can help with that too!

Here's my latest project and class I'll be teaching!

They are cute Baby letters and animals perfect for that baby shower gift!
These were my Spring letters!
My most requested Family Letters
A great way to celebrate birthdays!
Valentine Love Letters
My first class I taught at Paper Cottage!
These were a total blast!
There's no place like home!
I still can put kits together of these!
Here is a project my sister Candy put together for her craft group.
I helped her by cutting it out and will offer it as a kit at the store
later this summer. Makes a great wedding gift especially with
and "established" date put on it.
My cute Easter bunnies!
Spring Chicks
My ongoing montly class I do is a Seasonal Hanger
that has interchangable decorations for each month/holiday.
It's a lot of fun and I've really enjoyed the great group of ladies
that come out each month!
They are about 12x12" in size.
This is for the month of May/Mother's Day
April's Easter Egg
March's Shamrock
February's Valentine Heart
January's Snowflake
Here are some fun jobs I've done lately that I actually remembered
to take pictures of. I promise to get better! Plus, if you have
a great project you've done send it in! I'd love to post it and see
everyone's great creativity!
These two are done in the Angelina font.
This was a cute Mom and Daughter job done in
the Moon Star font.
Here's a fun one a gal did for her sister who designs
western stuff. The font is Nashville.
This one is for a new baby's nursery!
It's done in the Toonish Font.
This was one of my first cool big letters I did.
It was 2 feet high and in the Benguiat font.
For some reason I can't get this picture to come
up bigger, but this one I did for a gal named Robbie!
Her kitchen is decorated with cows and she
did a great job with these! Here is one of my first orders I did for someone else!
Her name was Nicole too and she was doing this for her
friend's nursery. She did such a great job and was so kind
to show me pictures of it all done! Great job!

So there it is...the beginning! I love hearing and seeing great projects! So if you have any you need help with, I always tell everyone, just give me a holler!:)
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