Thursday, September 3, 2009

Getting Inspired for Fall...

Okay so here's a shout out to a very very cool website my sister Candace told me about and that she linked me to, so of course I need to link them back. Not just to be polite but seriously this place has soooo many fun ideas and I love how everyone loves to share those ideas to inspire each other! So great! So go check it out!

What have you guys been up to with your fall decor? Let's get inspired together! Send in your pictures and we'll get inspired together!

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  1. Way too weird! I was googling a place to buy wood letters today. I checked "The Idea Room" tonight and read a comment by your sister linking me to your blog. I couldn't be more excited!! Not only did I find what I was looking for, I noticed in your etsy shop that you are from ID too!! I'm down here in Idaho Falls:) husband bought me a scroll saw a couple years ago and I just want to learn to use it!!!! Have you seriously made all this with just a scroll saw? Anyway, any tips you have are more than welcomed!

    ps. Your stuff is to-die-for CUTE!!!!


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