Sunday, January 31, 2010

Top Of The Day To Ya!

I have to admit that Britney Spears song "Lucky" was going through my head
the whole time I was making these letters.....
Don't ask me how I know that song, I plead the fifth.....
We have a thing for green in our house.
My hubby grew up in Dublin, Ohio.
Home of the Shamrocks.
So it was pretty much a given what his answer would on whether he would like
these LUCKY letters or not.:)
Hope ya like!

If you haven't figured it out yet
you'll notice I'm not the best blogger.
I've been busy cleaning and purging my home,
helped do some flowers for my friend's son's wedding reception

and been fooling around over at Crafty Sisters!
I send things out the door faster than I can document them!
I'm appreciating learning with my sister the fine art of blogging and promise to do better!
Here are a couple of pics sent in lately from 2 talented gals!
First up are some lovely letters Jessica R. made up for her sis for Christmas!

Rita C. decorated this really fun 2 foot tall Peace sign for her daughter!

Aren't they great!!!
I love seeing what you guys do, so share the love and send in those pictures of your completed projects!
Inquiring minds want to know....that means me!:)
I'm creating a modified version of my oh-so-talented sister's ornament hanger which I should have done in the next few days, so stay tuned.....

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I "Heart" Valentines Day!

I'm not sure why I love hearts and Valentines Day so much. 
I guess I should clarify that last statement, I love Valentine Decorations.
As I was putting my Christmas Decor away with glee my eye was caught on the
bright pink tote I keep everything Valentine.... 
A nice pink subtle reminder of the pinky goodness inside!  It prompted me to get going with my BE MINE letters I'm doing a class on down at Paper Cottage,
I've just been stumped for doo dads to put on them. 
The most brilliant thought crossed my mind as I was talking to my sister Candace who is the yin to my yang and it occurred to me that my Dr. Pepper can I was guzzling was the perfect matching shade! 
Seriously could it be any more perfect to make hearts out of? 
Something I love becoming a decoration for a LOVE holiday???? 
All I can say is I LOVE IT!   And that's that.:)

So yes, with the holidays over I can say loudly "Phewwwwww".
It seems silly that a good 4 months of the year is dedicated to all things Santa and Snow.
I do like making baby Jesus' though.
Maybe it's that I have ADD, but I like to mix it up and work on lots of colorful things.
Here are a few of my projects I've been working on:
Here are my winter letters. 
There is not much wintery paper out there and
I don't like being reminded of winter I did something bright!
 I love the little snowman and his scarf! 
I'm sure my nephew thought I'd forgotten his birthday....I almost did...or should I say it
got kicked to the back burner.....
But I finally got it done and my Hubby was even envious!
I even found time to make a ridiculously over sized P for my sister Candace. 
She told me she wanted a pretty monogram but I obviously misinterpreted 12 x 12 inches to be
2 feet by 3 feet.  I never really liked math....

I have to say, that if you asked me where I'd be a year ago, I never thought I'd be here.
I never thought I'd be running my own little business
covered in saw dust.:)
(My sister says this in my unibomber picture)
I try sometimes to see the blessing that even though it stank my husband lost his job,
something I'd always wanted to do, came like a phoenix from the ashes,
(yes, I've been watching too much Harry Potter!)
but I'm here, and I survived this last year and most of all I have all of you to thank!
So THANK YOU to you all!
Thanks for supporting me, for being my friend and for making me laugh
through it all! 
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