Thursday, June 2, 2011


Some of the first crafts that my sister and I
ever made were patriotic ones.
Something about those Americana colors just make me smile.
I've always wanted to do a set of USA letters
so of course I also had to have them
a little curly!
These are for a class coming up on the 18th
and I'll also hopefully get some up on Etsy.

I also have the next 2 shapes ready for the magnetic board!
I'm still hoping to snag a spot on the first Saturday of the month
to get together down at the store to put these together
but until then I'll just have them available
on the first Saturday of each month.
June is a star
July is a Watermelon
If you can't tell I'm trying to be a little prepared for each holiday.
What good is a star if you don't get it till after the 4th?:)

I put together a fun birthday banner this week and
I still need to download the pictures.
I got to personalize it a bit and tried something new with it too!
You'll just have to wait and see!

I'm so excited for school to be out in a week!
I actually got to sleep in this weekend when we even
had company in was a delicious indulgence,
one I'm looking forward to doing more often this summer.:)
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