Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Great Pumpkin....would Charlie Brown approve?

Fall is certainly in the air, I can see and feel it for sure as I had to turn on the furnace this week! The season of boutiques has snuck up on me fast so this week I got geared up for all the wood cutting before me as I donned my husbands crazy long grey socks, ya know the ones with the ugly red stripe at the top and I turned on the space heater in my shed so my fingers could actually grip the wood as I saw away. I just hope I can get it all done and have my sanity and family intact when I am done!:) So here's what's new.....

First up I am actually pleasantly surprised with how fun and cute my Give Thanks letters turned out. I hunted high and low for paper all over town and actually ended up with this Christmas paper to cover them with, yes, you're thinking...when did orange become a Christmas color? Good question, but somehow it works with these and it worked for me! Thank goodness! I love pumpkins, I love the shape or the abnormal shape of them. I love watching them grow all season long and the pretty vines they produce. Although our pumpkin plant was a dud this year or more like I was a dud in fertilizing it, it still has the most beautiful vines even though not one pumpkin was produced.....yes, a tear. None the less I thought these letters were a fresh approach and got me excited about brining the turkey again this year!

Next is our pumpkin for my Seasonal Hanger. I teach a class down at Paper Cottage for this one too and I just love love love this class! I don't think I say it enough but it sure is a fun event! So if any of you guys are looking for a great excuse to have a girls day out come on down! Keep an eye out for next month's hanger, I'm going to attempt a cool hanging ornament!

As for "The" Boutique", the boutique/bazaar my sister Candace and I started with a couple other gals out in Eagle is a go again this year after the fun success we had last year! It's going to be November 5th-7th 10am-5pm at the Brookwood Clubhouse on Old Barn Road in Eagle. It's right off of Eagle and Floating Feather and it should be a blast! Some of these ladies amaze me with their amazing talents! Very cool handmade and very one of a kind things here! Come on out and visit! Now if I can only get the extra signs painted.....:)

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