Monday, May 21, 2012

Spring Things

I have felt like for four years now
I have focused on my little business and
everything else has taken a back seat.
Which means my house has a multitude of repairs
that need to be done, a yard/garden left in despair
and complete disorganization on my part.
Those of you who have come by my house are witness to this.
So I apologize in my lack of blogging,
I've been busy working with wood and recapturing my chaos.:)
My house may still be a bit crazy but my garden is looking
pretty darn good if I do say so!
Above is a peek at all those tulips I told you guys about
that I planted at Christmas time~aren't they so pretty!

I totally forgot to show a couple of pics from the
Spring boutique which was so fun!!
I seriously love everything about spring,
the colors alone just make me happy.
Here's my little display!
I just loved how these bunnies turned out!
Thanks to all of you who came out to support me at the Holiday House Boutique!
I just love working with those gals and this spring boutique
surely didn't disappoint!
I walked away with many goodies I found there!

School is out this week and I will be grateful for the relief
of running back and forth as a taxi.
I've got great plans for this fall/winter season
that I can't wait to share with you!

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