Friday, May 13, 2011

Seasonal Magnetic Sign Class

Here is what I'm doing for my latest
ongoing class down at Paper Cottage.
Remember how much fun I had making this
Seasonal Magnetic Sign
with switch out shapes for each month?
Well I loved it so much,
I'm turning it into a class!
Each month we'll be doing a new shape
that will be ready at the first of each month.
Keep tuned for June, we'll be doing a fun
star for the 4th of July!
The shapes are so easy to store and the sign you
can hang just about anywhere.
My little girl has loved being able to switch out the shapes!
This last month has been so hectic for me.
I've had so many irons in the fire that I am amazed
that I'm still standing.
Here's a fun gift my little girl and I did for her teacher
for Teacher Appreciation week.
Her teacher got married earlier this year
and my daughter has been disturbed that she doesn't
have a sign with her new name on it outside her door.
Problem solved.:)

Next I've been busy with my little Activities Day Girls from church.
Somehow I didn't plan our schedule too well
and was stuck doing 2 craft projects in one month.
There's 15 little girls, so I had my work cut out for me!
I was able to put together these really cute picture blocks
for an outing to the temple.
Ginger and her sister Christine are two gals I stumbled upon
at our Holiday House Boutique
and they have crazy talent!
Make sure to go and check out there great pictures on their new blog
They can personalize any picture and do just about any size too!
Ginger saved my hide and even dropped them by my house.
I was sooooo happy with how they turned out!
I just mod podged them onto a piece of painted black MDF
and wrapped a ribbon around them.
They were so cute and simple!

I also some how found a little time to put together
a fun tool box for our online craft group
I used a couple of old cedar fence slats to make it.
I wanted you guys to see how I taped the two pieces together
before I made my angled cuts.
It took me a minute or two to figure it out
so that I would have the right angle for both pieces
and it worked like a dream. 
I think on the next box I'll use pine.  Cedar just splits too easily.
I was glad I was going for a rustic look and the splits
just looked like it had character, right?:)

Here's another fun banner I did for a little boy's birthday party.
I must admit I am a little challenged when it comes to doing boy stuff.
Give me pinks and some glitter and I go nuts.
My hubby helped me make sure I didn't mess it up.
Isn't it fun?! 
 What was great is that the "name" was done on a separate piece
so he can hang it up in his room and get some great use out of it!

I've still got some fun pictures on my camera to share
but this afternoon I'm headed outside to
get some plants in the ground.
It has been so rainy and cold here, that with
the sun out......I'm going to go out too!


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  2. You are a very talented girl, Nicole. These signs are wonderful. Did you come up with all of the designs, or did your customers provide a sketch for you to follow? Well, either way, your creations are, without a doubt, terrific. You should create a Facebook or Twitter page to be able to display all your works online to attract more customers. I’m sure they will all love your exceptional creations!

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