Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Go Fly A Kite!

My sister Candace has the sweetest sister-in-law Leesa
who requested I cut her out a kite for her Seasonal Hanger
and I must say I am pleased with the result!

So much so that I'll be offering these as "Kits to Go"
down at Paper Cottage
along with a Dandy Tie just in time for Father's Day!

Each hanger comes in a kit ready to be assembled
for only $15 each!
If you don't have the hanger you can easily make these into door hangers with
a little ribbon tied through the hooks!

Don't forget to personalize the tie for your Dad!

Last year Avery and I made one for our Daddy
and he loved it!


  1. Very cute kite, love the tail. You do very nice work.

  2. I just gave you an award, go to my blog for instructions.


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