Wednesday, February 1, 2012

SWAK Wood Letters

I've always wanted to do some SWAK letters
and finally got around to it!
I really wanted a fun playful font and
used some of the gorgeous My Mind's Eye paper
that we used over at Crafty Sisters for a fun 
Valentine banner.  My pictures don't do it justice!
I used some of our Meyer Imports German Glass Glitter
for the lips, which turned out quite delicious!
Very fun!
I also finally used the last of my paper
to make up a couple of sets of Be Mine letters.
I absolutely loved these,
probably more so because I got to use
my Dr. Pepper cans to adorn them.

I tried searching all over last night for anywhere that might have
any of this paper left and I came up empty handed.
Anyone got any ideas of where to look?
It's Vintage Valentine by Fancy Pants Designs.
I love this paper!

I'm thinking I might just surpass anything Shamrock-ish this year
because I get so excited to do Spring crafts.
What is it about those colors and bunny rabbits that make me so giddy?
It is by far my favorite time of year,
when the tulips all start coming up~I love it!
Right after Christmas we had an unusually warm couple of days
and I headed outside and planted 130+ bulbs
that I picked up for 75% off this fall and didn't manage
to get them in the ground until then.
I'm looking forward to a glorious show this year,
and yes, they have nothing to do with wood
but I promise I'll share the pictures!
Happy February Friends!:)


  1. Very Cute!! You are so talented!! :)

  2. I love the font on the SWAK... and the lip shape is perfect! Hope things are going well... I quit my job at the paper and moved over to radio! So when I visit it will be for fun and not for meetings...Huggies!


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