Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ready For Spring!!!

I am sooooooooooo ready for Spring.
It doesn't help my impatience when I'm cutting out butterflies
and playing with pretty soft colors.
I think Spring is my favorite time of the year
with all the trees in bloom and the tulips.....oh the tulips!
This Welcome Spring sign is for a class I'm
teaching down at Paper Cottage
and in my Etsy shop.
I found this fun butterfly image over at a fun site Blog
with all sorts of fun free svg images.

I get a lot of questions about the "services I provide".
That sounds scandalous doesn't it.:)
I am a SAHM that loves to create things with wood.
I have my own little shop that I cut everything out all myself.
So if there's something you see, a shape a letter, a font you are interested in,
I can cut it out for you in whichever size and thickness you desire.
I do a lot of letters and then I do fun projects like this...

This was my sister and I's latest project we did over at Crafty Sisters!
One of the things I love about what I do
is seeing how personalized each project is
and the fun ideas that everyone has!
Can you see why I love what I do?
If you have questions just email me @
I've already been cutting out bunnies and crosses for Easter.
I can't wait to see how they get decorated up!
(These crosses were done for a gal that provided me an inspiration picture to go from.)
Here's a sneak peek she sent me.
Way cute huh!
(Thanks Cara!)
I did snap a couple of pictures of fun projects
I've been working on.
First is "Jenga", which was done for my nephew's birthday.
It was so much fun to make!
I love doing the inlaid stuff, it's like doing a puzzle.

 Another for a Fancy Nancy themed room
which my daughter had a blast telling me
what I needed to put on while referencing her Fancy Nancy book.:)
This was done in that fun Storybook font I love.
I made up some of these fun chunky xoxo's which were so fun!
 I'm working on a really fun project with my Fabulous Sister-in-law
which I'll be so excited to share when it's done.....


  1. Oh Nicole....I LOVE the welcome spring sign. So flippin cute. I just made decide to order one! Always so creative.

  2. My, my, my you have been a busy girl. I love the spring block...ADORABLE.

    Yes I have been watching the Bachelor, have you?
    What do you think of the final few left?

  3. I love love love the Spring letters! I'm a fellow nominated blog over at Swainston Vinyl and wanted to stop by and say hi! I'm working my way through the blogs she chose.


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