Sunday, November 7, 2010

Christmas, Ready Or Not....

I make myself the same promise every year to be better organized,
more on the ball, better prepared,
and the list goes on.....
Every year I'm in the same boat though
and I've learned not to be frustrated
but to rejoice in the fact that I work well under pressure.:)
I finally got my class samples done!
I just love the paper on the NOEL!
I wanted simple, classic and this paper from
Jillibean Soup (Christmas Chestnut Soup) was perfect!
Next up is Santa!
This is a pattern I altered a bit from
a magazine pattern I bought for a tea towel several years ago.
I just love the Santa!
I'll have to go back through my stash and find exactly
where he came from.
The NOEL and SANTA will be offered as
a class or kit to go down at Paper Cottage
and I'll try to get them posted over in my Etsy store too!
Both sets can also be ordered as Wood Only.

Boutique #2 is up this week!
My Crafty Sister and I are scrambling to get everything ready in time
but it will sure be fun!
I'm just hoping that my little girls cold doesn't feel like befriending me!


  1. Don't forget to save one of those Santa's for me Nicole. Too cute. But don't worry about it till after your class and boutique is over. You know it's funny because my pilgrims and turkey came, but of course I had my Halloween stuff up and it made me sad to leave them tucked away in a box LOL.
    :) Clair

  2. Is there a way to buy these from you online. I live in Vegas. Let me know. I LOVE them. (


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