Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dear Mother, All Flowers Remind Me of You

Just in time for Mother's Day
is my version of easy gardening!
I knew as soon as I saw the new Basic Grey Paper and the cute flowers on the paper
that this was what I needed to make!
My little girl had so much helping pick out all the buttons for the flowers!
I'll be teaching a class on these in April down at Paper Cottage
and hopefully get some ready for my Etsy shop too!

Last week's Boutique was really fun!
My sister Candace and I were so busy trying to make fun stuff to share!
We were up to our eyeballs in moss, eggs and bunnies!

 I just love making bunnies!
Here's a picture of some that I made for it.
We wanted to share a little bit of our fun projects and offered a set for our
First Official Giveaway over at Crafty Sisters!

Thank you to all of you wondeful Ladies who have sent in pictures!
I have some more to post this week so we can all marvel at your great creativity!
Seriously, I love seeing what you put together, call it a guilty pleasure of mine!
Keep em' coming!


  1. That is just really cute:) What is the "planter" made out of? It would be really cute if you could grow real grass in that planter and then add those flowers:) What a cute idea. I might have to do that for my mom. Thanks for sharing these great ideas.

  2. Those are adorable! Love them!

    Okay, I've finally realized the question I've been wondering this whole time. Are you an artist? Do you design your own patterns? Do you design the cute images that are morphed into letters?

    Do I always have to ask questions when I leave a comment? Hahaha. So sorry:)

  3. Love, love, love your basket with the flowers.
    And those bunnies.........ADORABLE.

  4. Ok, to answer your questions...Pauline, the planter is 100% wood, no green thumb required!:) Christina--I don't know if I'd call myself an artist, a "creative" type, yes. I do make almost all of my patterns up myself. I have a thing for fonts, but I do a lot of "recreations", like stuff from magazines or old crafts that my clients bring to me to create. I love to be inspired by things, paper patterns, stickers, just about anything. Hey, questions are completely welcome here, I love em'! Thanks for all the great comments! You guys are awesome!:)


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