Saturday, February 13, 2010

FHE & Bob Loblaw.....

Yes, I'm a total psycho fan of Arrested Development.
Seriously, I love watching it and I laugh like crazy whenever I do.
So when I was thinking of my post and all I wanted to cover all I could think of was
Blah, Blah, Blah
which is where Arrested Development comes in to the picture and their attorney
Bob Loblaw.  Get it?  Now say it 5 times as fast as you can!  I swear it's funny!

Family Home Evening or Job Chart DONE! Check!
I wanted to make something up that was totally different from what's out there.
Something that could be used for lots of things with a focus on Home and Family.
I'm feeling pretty happy about this one!
I'll be teaching a class at Paper Cottage on the 27th of February
and will also be available in my Etsy Shop.

I haven't figured out how to link comments to my email and so I totally missed this very kind and my very first blog award!  Thanks Lyndsey over at Lyndsey's Craft Spot!

* To accept you must post it on your blog along with the name of the person who granted you the award and link back to them.
* Pass the award on to approximately 15 other bloggers that you have recently discovered and think are great.
* Contact the bloggers and let them know that they have been chosen for the award.
* List 3 things that you would like to learn how to do.
I would like to learn to:
*Be a "real" carpenter--like actually take a fancy class and learn the "right" way to work with wood.
* Watercolor.  I love watercolor stuff!
* How to sew something I'd actually wear....I can sew, I just won't wear it, and I'd actually like to.:)

I am passing this award on to:
Thank ya very much! (That's my Elvis impersonation....)  Now, if I can just get around to notifying each of them.....

Some of my very talented friends have put together a new little blog to spot light their amazing talents and classes they are offering!  Celeste and Melena are two of the most talented Scrappin' Ladies I know so you'll have to go check them out Here!

I've been having way too much fun with my sister Candace over at Crafty Sisters
so if you wonder what I've been up to head over there and check it out! 
I'm still crazy proud of magnetic board and I'm trying to get the courage to hang it up.....
Next up are my Easter letters and some fun Eggs to go along with....stay tuned!


  1. Very cute FHE house.

    In reply to your question about how to get ready for a bazaar without going CRAZY...well I'm still working on that. When I first started out doing bazaars 6 years ago my two daughters were gung ho and helped alot. Then they both decided that raising their children was their priority {imagine that?}. Now because I have to do it all myself I have decided that I MUST start early. I have challenged myself to make at least 3-5 things a week so that I am not rushing around the last month before the bazaar. As far as packaging, some things I will package in clear cellophane and tie up with ribbon but most of my things I don't package. To store them I first take a picture of the item {which I have just started doing} and I am going to post them on my vinyl lettering blog. That way I won't forget what I have already completed. I also store the finished items in rubbermaids and put them in a room that isn't used very often. This is the first year I have done all of this so early, hopefully I will be able to stay consistant so that when Sept. rolls around I will be ahead of the game. I hope this info helps.

    Sorry about such a long comment.


  2. i love the fhe house nicole! i'm an AD fan too...such a funny show! hope you found eileen's house...


  3. the house!!! I would love to make a couple of those as chore charts for my girls!! I'll have to let you know! Oh...I think I have a named picked out, but I'll let you know for sure soon!!

  4. You are so dang talented!! Love it :)


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